Bill Spragg
for Mayor of Adelaide Hills Council

Mayor Spragg

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My Philosophy

As an elected council member, I always made decisions based on the benefit to the whole of our community. This requires taking a long-term view, with outcomes and equity measured over several years, not just a single year. It’s important the community understand the value of that approach. Some activities require a large amount of money. The scale of those investments means concentrating effort in different areas, year by year. However, the fairness test always applies and, ultimately, the needs of all areas are equally addressed.

I see the role of Mayor as one of guiding and facilitating, enabling council to provide high quality essential services while adapting to meet the expectations of residents in the future. Residents deserves a council that is proactive - not one that waits until change is forced upon it by economic circumstances or government.

For me, pro-active means always being in touch with changing community needs and preferences. It means developing strategies for current and emerging issues, whether of society or the environment. It means encouraging councillors to bring forward ideas from their communities. It means managing change to improve social, economic and environmental wellbeing. It means supporting and encouraging sporting and social groups as well as the business community.

Needs vary in our diverse population. A vibrant community is a healthy community. Our large number of small communities includes townships, villages and hamlets. I will be looking for a new Director of Customer and Community Services to develop a community development plan to take us into the 21st century.